In it to Win it

Doesn’t this cake look amazing?

I didn’t make it.  Fatgirltrappedinaskinnybody did.  The photo is hers too. 

You see, there’s a bake-off tomorrow at work.  If you win, there’s a sweet traveling trophy you get.  Now I love to bake, plus I wanted to beat my Baking Arch-nemesis who always wins with her amazing recipes (and, being friends with her means I get to taste all her awesome stuff).  I’ve made this cake (it’s called a 7-layer S’mores cake) before and it. was. awesome.  I cut the recipe in half though, and made it like a 4-layer cake. 

And everybody loved it.  So I thought, this is my chance! I will finally beat Baking Arch-nemesis and get the trophy!




You ever get that feeling that some days you are just destined to fail?


This is my brownie layer.  Notice how it looks like it was smooshed  back together after an unfortunate incident? Well, that’s exactly what happened. 

I flipped my brownie onto the rack too soon, it came all apart, and I burned my hands trying to get it back together.  I should have known this was not going to be a good day when I kicked my potholder for dramatic effect (I had an audience) and my shoe came off too and hit me in the face. 

I should have thrown in the towel then. 

But, I forged ahead and made the cookie layer next.  Here’s the thing about the original recipes: they are AMAZING.  You don’t need to adjust anything.  So religiously, I follow the recipe, except cut everything in half. 

The full cookie recipe calls for 1 egg. 

I do not take notes when I bake, so near as I can tell, the last time I made this recipe, I must have just thrown in a whole egg and halved everything else or something, because my cookie was PERFECT last time and this is what the “dough” looked like this time:


Dear.  Barbara. 

you know what this reminds me of? Easy-Bake packets.  They were always grainy and nasty.  I’ve turned this amazing cookie into an Easy-Bake monstrosity. 

I baked it anyway, though, because after I patted the dough down it ALMOST looked like a cookie. 


It turned out just about as bad as I figured. 

I’m calling it a day.  I’m giving up.  Throwing in the towel.  And I’m actually terrified to do anything that requires thinking or effort–my dress-in-progress may end up with three sleeves, the sweater I’m knitting could turn into a poncho–even the butter I tried to gently soften by putting in the micro on defrost for less than 1 minute failed!


What the heck does one do with a melted saucer of butter?! I have no cat, so feeding it to him/her is out.  I should have known, ever since the shoe-flying incident, this was not going to be my day. 

After the terrible, horrible failure, I decided to make lunch:


If you’re thinking to yourself, “well, that just looks like noodles covered in Ranch sauce,” you’re correct.  I didn’t even boil the noodles–they were leftovers that I microwaved. 

Thank God there’s leftovers in the fridge for dinner, otherwise the Hub-duns and I may have starved today. 

So, congratulations to Baking Arch-nemesis, you win.  And, for all of you who think this cake looks amazing, head on over to the recipe and make it–you can do it!